twinkle bakery twins
Twins, sisters, and very best friends, Kimmy and Vee were born on the first day of the astrological sign Gemini.  They are told they spoke to each other in their own secret language as babies, and are known to be able to read each others' minds- even though they now live almost 200 miles apart! 

Their fascination with baking came early. Their favorite toy was their play kitchen, most especially a plastic cupcake set and a carton of 4 eggs that would actually crack in half!  Though they never actually had an easy-bake oven, they spent nearly every day of childhood in the kitchen with their parents, being called inside at 4 pm daily to help cook dinner.   Their grandmother (Lola, in the Filipino language) was popular in the community for her cooking and baking, and she took pride in baking birthday cakes for her grandchildren. Kimmy and Vee suspect that their Lola's love for preparing food for others has been passed down to them!

They started baking specialty cakes when their friends and family were celebrating big milestones, specifically a friend's 21st birthday and a cousin's baby shower.  Kimmy and Vee were college students with little to no income, but wanted to help make these celebrations special,  so they tried using fondant for the first time and the results were pretty good.  They started sharing their creations on facebook, and the orders started flying in!  
Kimmy went on to become a pharmacist. She received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.  She met her husband while she was interning for the Children's Hospital in DC, and worked for Target Pharmacy and an Independent Compounding Pharmacy.  With compounding pharmacy, she enjoys making medicine in customized formulations, such as lollipops, gummies, and even dog treats!  It seems as though her love for baking and medicine come together perfectly in this field of pharmacy!  She lives in Washington DC with her (amazing!) husband, and is obsessed with disney half-marathons and pure barre! 

 Vee is a tax accountant in Philadelphia and she lives in Center City.  She graduated from Villanova University in 2009 with a degree in Accounting and a degree in Management Information Systems.   She stays connected to her alma mater as a huge basketball fan and she serves on the Villanova School of Business Mentor Program Advisory Board.   She is a member of the Pennsylvania Icing Smiles Chapter, where she’s donated cakes and treats to families affected by terminal illnesses.  She has become quite the city girl, loves walking everywhere and trying out new restaurants. 

The Twinkle Bakery Twins are so happy to be able to bake for friends and family.  It gives them such joy to be a part of such special celebrations.  We hope we can bake for you soon!